“The black visors of the robots made them seem even more emotionless than the other robots……They stood very close to Logan, almost touching him, holding their weapons. For the first time in his life Logan realized that he was seen as a threat.” A robot civilization governs Earth. The only humans alive on the planet are a group of children and teenagers who are being raised in different robot families. Sixteen –year-old Logan tries to find out where they have come from and what is going to happen to them. Can they escape? Why are there no other humans? This science fiction fantasy is set in the robot city of Albuquerque, bounded by the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande River.

Revolution and oppression have caused Esther Cerfbeer and Armand de Delacroix to flee their homeland of Alsace: Isabella does not know her origins and is the ward of Raphael McAlpine, the owner of Crow House. Their lives coincide in 1794, against a background of witchcraft and treachery, in North Devon, where young women are disappearing and two men have been killed, their eyes pecked out.

Carol Anne Dobson's paintings